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Sangria has received airplay on more than 400 jazz and world music radio shows so far and has received more than 90 reviews and media placements.

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“Parker and friends blend the rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz music with the entrancing, asymmetrical meters of East Indian rhythms resulting in first-class world music." — LATIN BEAT MAGAZINE

"If Dave Brubeck were doing something with a Latin beat, it would come out sounding like this."

“Parker didn't invent the idea of world jazz, but she keeps it moving forward... demonstrating that the fusion of jazz and world music still has plenty of possibilities after all these years.’”ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Pianist Mariah Parker cooks up a heady stew of jazz/world fusion on Sangria, a spicy intoxicating mixture of straight-up jazz inflected with ';70s era fusion (think original Return to Forever, circa Light as a Feather) and global influences from both South America and India... This is as exuberant a recording as I've heard in the last year, bursting with inventive jazz phrasing by all the players as well as spiced up with plenty of exotiv flavors from the rich musical heritages of both Latin American and India." — THE SOUNDING BOARD

"This collection of eight original instrumentals by Mariah Parker is just one of many examples of the infusion of East Indian music into Western music, but to my ears one of the most successful."AUDIOPHILE AUDITION

"Spicy tantalizing flamenco melodies cross pollinate with East Indian rhythms..."MAXIMUM INK MUSIC MAGAZINE

"Although entirely instrumental, Sangria speaks. Maybe it’s the technical virtuosity abounding in the multiplicity of sounds — in the santur or sarangi, or the tabla or timbales. Maybe it’s in the emotive resonance of what’s behind the sounds, like the longing of separation in 'Between the Lines,' where Parker’s fingers dance across the keys in precise, measured movements, in graceful arching and sweeping strokes, or in the spectacle of wonder in 'Debajo De La Lluvia' or the 'Tenth Journey.' Whatever it is, Parker’s Sangria is a lively, adventurous exploration into a hybrid global identity."LEO WEEKLY

"Parker kicks off her solo career with a well textured world beat date that finds her multi-instrumentalist abilities and her wide open ears leading the way. There’s nothing but pros on board here who know what to do and they do it in a lively, spontaneous fashion that really grabs you. First class world beat that really covers the bases."  — MIDWEST RECORD

"Recommended for fans of world music and jazz."USA PROGRESSIVE MUSIC

"A gorgeous debut; a sometimes exotic blend full of pleasing instrumental surprises.
Several tracks emphasize Indian traditions, others Latin, but this simply adds layers of
interest to beautiful, contemplative Jazz arrangements."

"Dazzling debut... Parker's subtle and sensuous sounds reflect exotic flavors of India, the Middle East and Latin America." — PALO ALTO DAILY NEWS

"Mariah Parker dances from the keyboard, on the santur, with the pen, and improvising with sensual asymmetry in every bar until the stars come down from the rafters. This "Sangria" is as sweet as optimism and informed by the deeper waters of experience, sensual honesty, passion..." BILLY'S BUNKER

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